Neograft® Cost in Orlando starts at 2.50 Per Graft.  Hair Transplant Results that will Save You Thousands in 2022.  Compare Us to other Neograft Clinics in Orlando.  Our Cost Per Graft is Affordable and the Results are Amazing.  Call 407-968-8836 Today.      

Neograft® Cost Comparison

  • Our Neograft® Procedures are about 6000 Dollars.
  • The average cost for a Neograft® FUE Hair Transplantation in Orlando and Melbourne, FL. is between 6000 and 8500 dollars.
  • Neograft® cost is less than ARTAS® based on our patients who have had consultations in Orlando.
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 Average Neograft® Prices in Orlando and Melbourne

Many of the Hair Transplant clinics in Orlando and Melbourne Florida are charging between 4 and 7 dollars per graft, with most cases averaging 2000 grafts it can get pretty expensive.  We keep our Cost Affordable so that men and women who are tired of losing their hair can restore it with confidence.

Neograft® FUE in Orlando is a technological breakthrough in the profession of Hair Restoration Surgery.  One of the goals of technology is to lower the cost of a service or product.  The team at Central Florida Hair Restoration believes in this fact and keeps our Orlando Neograft® prices affordable.  Hair loss clients in Orlando, Tampa, and Melbourne Florida should take advantage of the Neograft® options available at Central Florida Hair Restoration.

Compare our Prices to Orlando Neograft

  • Our Neograft® Cost is less because of our Experience and Full-Time Team.
  • Our Technicians are local and only perform Hair Restoration.
  • Neograft® procedures are 6000 Dollars for 2000 grafts.
  • Save at least 3000 compared to Bolsey and Orlando Hair MD.

Hair Transplant Cost Compared to other Orlando Hair Clinics

We find the cost of  FUE Hair Transplant procedures are very close in Price Per Graft, usually less than 50 cents in Florida and Georgia.  Neograft® FUE is more advanced and allows our experienced team to move more hair faster, with less trauma.  Neograft Technology makes FUE Hair Transplantation easier to perform and makes the cost a great value.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Neograft®

  • The size of the Bald Area.
  • The amount of Donor Hair available.
  • Quality and Characteristics of your hair.
  • Your Goals and Desired Results.
  • Some Orlando FUE Hair Transplant clinics use commissioned based Sales Staff and Sub-Contractors from out of State.  We Do Not.

Central Florida Hair Restoration transplants as much hair as possible.  The cost is based on what it takes to Restore your Hair Loss.  It is Per Session, not Per Graft.  This is the same pricing model used for other cosmetic procedures.  Our Neograft Cost in Orlando and Melbourne is guaranteed to save you money.

You will Pay More for Less Hair if you pay Per Graft.  A 1500 graft procedure could contain anywhere from 1500 hairs to 4500 hairs.

Follicular Units extracted with NeoGraft

These are Follicular Unit hair grafts, this is how your hair grows naturally, in groups of 1-4.  To get the best Hair Transplant Results you need a natural mix of 1-4 hair grafts.

For a natural hairline with maximum density behind it and in the crown, we use Follicular Units.  Follicular Unit grafts have the best growth rates and natural appearance.

Every clinical study performed has proven that Follicular units will give you the Best Result.  The ISHRS and ABHRS recommend the use of Follicular Unit Grafts.  Our Orlando Doctors and Technicians have assisted in numerous studies at ISHRS Live Surgery Workshops proving the effectiveness of Follicular Unit Grafts.

Financing Available for Neograft®

Central Florida Hair Restoration can help you with interest-free financing for your Neograft® Hair Transplant procedure.  We work with Care Credit to provide a variety of financing options for Hair Restoration procedure.  This includes Neograft®, and our other FUE procedures.

You can pay less than 10 dollars a day with a plan that you choose.  Contact Care Credit for Neograft® FUE Hair Transplant financing.  You can finance all or part of your procedure, and you choose the financing terms.  Care Credit Financing

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If you live in Jacksonville, Jupiter or Vero Beach we will save you Thousands on Neograft®.

Our experience allows us to extract FUE grafts at 1000 grafts per hour with less than 1% transection.  This gives our Hair Transplant clients the Best Results in Orlando, Tampa, and Melbourne Fl.

Consultations Now Available 5 Days Per Week in Jacksonville, Fl.  Call 407-968-8836 to Schedule Yours Today.

Neograft® Compared to Hair Systems

Hair Systems are the most expensive Hair Restoration solution.  The initial cost is about 3 Thousand Dollars.  The monthly cost of hair systems like those at Hair Club for Men is hundreds of dollars, Compared to Neograft® FUE, Hair Systems are not permanent.  Hair systems have a monthly cost.  A Hair System can cost you over 30,000.

Cost Per Graft in Orlando

All of the Hair Restoration clinics in Orlando charge “Per Graft” except Central Florida Hair Restoration.  Charging per graft is not a good thing since the number of hairs in each graft varies.  We provide you with a Cost Per Graft so that you can compare Central Florida Hair Restoration to other Orlando Hair Clinics.

The difference between a procedure that uses 1 and 2 hair grafts vs Follicular Unit grafts is substantial.  A 2000 graft case containing 1 and 2 haired grafts equal 3000 hairs.  Our Neograft® procedure using Follicular Unit grafts contains over 5600 hairs.

If other Neograft doctors in Orlando are charging 6 Dollars Per Graft the cost is 12,000 dollars.  You may only receive 3000 hairs.  Compare this to a Neograft® procedure that Central Florida Hair Restoration charges 6,000 dollars.  You will pay less and can receive twice as much hair with our Follicular Unit Neograft® procedure.

When you choose Neograft® in Florida. pay a “Per Session” price instead of a “Per Graft” price.  The bottom line is that you want as much hair as possible.  Central Florida Hair Restoration uses the “Gold Standard”, Follicular Unit grafts on all of our procedures.