Hair Transplant Cost in Orlando is now Affordable.  Our new prices for Janurary 2022 allow Hair Loss patients the satisfaction of Living with a Full Head of Hair.  We offer Low Cost Per Graft and Financing for our FUE and FUT Hair Transplant procedures.  Learn about Hair Restoration Prices by calling 407-968-8836.

Central Florida Hair Restoration is dedicated to giving our clients the maximum amount of grafts for the most Affordable Cost.  You know in advance the Total Price of your Hair Transplant.  There are no hidden fees that other Orlando Hair Clinics use to maximaize their profits without giving you the Best Results.

Hair Transplant Cost in Orlando

Most Hair Transplant Clinics in Orlando charge Per Graft.  This is outdated and unfair to Men who are suffering with Hair Loss.  Per Graft pricing keeps you from knowing haow much hair has been transplanted, it is designed to keep you coming back for more procedures.

We charge Per Session, and have been doing this since 2004.  Our Guarantee is to transplant as much hair as possible during each Hair Transplant.  Our goal has always been to work with each client regardless of their financial abilities.  There are Orlando clinics that will only give you the amount of hair that you can afford, they will actually stop the procedure when that limit has been reached.  This is a surgical procedure, unfortunately most Orlando Hair Transplant surgeons treat it as a Business 1st.

 Central Florida Hair Restoration procedures are less than 20.00/day, this is a small investment for a lifelong enhancement .  We have procedures that start at 5,800.00.  Call 407-968-8836 Today.

How Much do Hair Transplants Cost

The Cost of Hair Transplantation is between 2000.00 and 6,000.00 depending on the number of grafts that are needed to Restore your Hair Loss.  The Cost Per Graft in Comparison to other clinics in Florida is between 2.50 and 2.95 per graft.  Beware of Hair restoration clinics that give you an exact quote on the number of grafts.  It is impossible for them to know this prior to your procedure.  

Cost is one factor when choosing a Hair Transplant Specialist.  We know that you Value your Appearance, and we Value our clients.  We have taken steps in our business model so that everyone desiring a Full Head of hair can get it.

We have the most Transparent Hair Transplant Pricing Model in the Profession.  Call 407-968-8836 to receive a Free Hair Loss Evaluation.

Bosley Orlando and Orlando Hair MD Cost

There is no reason to pay over 8,000 Dollars for a Quality Hair Transplant.  Bosley Orlando charges higher prices to pay for their advertising as does Orlando Hair MD.

 Central Florida Hair Restoration is more Affordable than Bosley Orlando and Orlando Hair MD, we use Better FUE Technology.  Compared to Bosley Medical in Florida we perform more FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures.

Cost Per Graft

Most FUE Hair Transplant procedures average 2000 grafts.  While FUT with our FUE Follow Up averages 2500 grafts.  The Cost of our procedure is about 6,000.00 compared 9,000.00 for other Orlando Hair Clinics.

Our prices may be slightly higher than other Hair Loss clinics in Orlando because our Team has over 15 years of experience, you will not find a more experienced Team in Central Florida.  Our average Price Per Graft is less than 3.00 but can be lower with current Specials in Janurary 2022.

How many Grafts will you need

Each patient is different.  We transplant as many grafts as possible so you get the Best Results.  Follicular Unit grafts are extracted from a safe donor zone so that your New Hair will last a lifetime.  The average is over 2000 grafts which is about 6200 hairs.

We do not charge for extra grafts that are obtained during your procedure like Bosley® and other large Corporate Hair Restoration companies.  There are no hidden fees with our procedures.  We will not try to sell you overpriced and ineffective shampoos and hair care products.

Central Florida Hair Restoration is a Local business that has been helping the men and women suffering from Hair Loss in Orlando and throughout Florida since 2004.  We support Orlando-based local businesses to help our community grow and provide jobs to Florida residents.

Compare our Hair Transplant Prices in Orlando and Kissimmee

Come in for a free Hair Loss Consultation to learn about our Technology and our Team.  Central Florida Hair Restoration will create a Hair Transplant Treatment plan that focuses on your Goals and Financial Ability.

Our clients come from Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville.  We offer travel reimbursement for out of town hair loss clients like those from Tallahassee and Jacksonville.  We are located in Lake Mary/Heathrow and Melbourne Florida.

We have numerous Hair Loss clients that fly in from California, New York, and London England.  They are able to fly back home the day after their Neograft or FUE surgery without problems.

You will not have to wear a bandage the day after your Hair Transplant.  Our procedures provide the Fastest Healing and Growth in the Country.

Call 407-968-8836 to Schedule a Free Consultation Today.

Hair Restoration Surgery Cost

Hair Transplant Cost

This hair loss client has typical Male Pattern Baldness.  He has a few choices in how he gets a Full Head of Hair Back.  Neograft® FUE is a good choice.  The Cost of this Hair Transplant is about 6000 dollars.

Hair Transplant Cost Florida

This man in his mid 30’s is experiencing Hair Loss over the front 1/3rd of his head.  He has good hair color and donor density.  This Hair Restoration procedure would include creating a Natural Hairline with a fill-in behind to match the existing hair.  The Cost for a Natural Hairline is about 6,000 dollars.

Finance Options for Your Hair Transplant

There are numerous options when it comes to paying for your Hair Transplant.  Care Credit offers 0 down and interest-free financing for Hair Restoration.  Payments are as low as 99 dollars per month depending on which plan you choose.  Call 407-968-8836 for pricing or to apply for Care Credit.

Save Thousands in 2022

Central Florida Hair Restoration is the Best choice in Florida for your Hair Restoration procedure.  If you live in Vero Beach, Melbourne, Kissimmee, Tallahassee, St. Augustine and Jacksonville we can Help you Restore your Hair Loss.

We offer travel discounts and have numerous hotels near our surgery centers.  We are less than 2 hours from most Florida cities.  Our Melbourne, Fl. Hair Restoration Center is less than 45 minutes from Kissimmee and East Orlando, and an hour from Port Orange, Fl.

Email us to receive a Hair Transplant Cost Estimate  [email protected]

Why is there a variation in Hair Transplant Prices among Orlando Hair Transplant Clinics?

  1. The amount of Hair Loss.
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT.
  3. The Overhead of the Clinic.
  4. The Hair Transplant Technicians.
  5. Neograft® or FUE.
  6. The Activity of the Hair Restoration Clinic.
  7. How the Clinic Charges, Per Graft or Per Session.

The more hair you need the higher the cost.  A hair loss client that needs 1000 grafts will pay less than a client that needs 1800 grafts.  The cost is not always proportional, most reputable Hair Restoration doctors and their clinics do offer “Per Graft” discounts as the size of the case increases.