Hair Transplant Patient Reviews

There is no greater compliment than the positive reviews of our patients. Their satisfaction drives us everyday to offer the best quality hair transplant experience and results.

 by Ken M
Hair Transplant Upgrade

I had 2 hair transplants about 10 years ago and decided to upgrade and fix the scars at the same time.  The Neograft worked well, it was as advertised and affordable.

Ken M.  Volusia County

 by Jim S
No cutting, no stitches , no problems!

I decided to get my hair line fixed after my first child was born, I’m in my late 30’s and I didn’t want to be the “old” looking dad dropping my kids off at school.  I chose the Neograft technique since it involved no cutting or stitches of my head.

Jim S.  Altamonte Springs, Fl.

 by Josh K
Incredible results!

I got my procedure done about 2 1/2 years ago and had severe balding and now I walk around with more confidence, and my hair looks better than it ever has. The procedure took about 7-8 hours and they allow you to watch Netflix, use your phone and more during it. They provide snacks, drinks and lunch of your choice as well. It amazed me most how you walk in early in the morning and walk out later that same day and THAT IS IT. I only took about 3-4 days off of work for recovery time but it isn't painful at all. Watching your hair grow over 3-10 months is truly incredible. - Josh K.

 by Jeff P
All I Can say is WOW - Life changing Results!

Dr. Katona, and the entire medical staff went above and beyond to make sure that I was informed, comfortable and pain free. I Just wanted to let the world know how happy I am with my newly grown head of hair - oh yes, and also how happy I am with Dr. Katona. After watching my hair go right down the drain (literally) I chose to do something about it. I found Dr. Katona through a friend who had a procedure done a fee years bag. All I can say is WOW. Life changing procedure, and it was so easy. No pain or discomfort and Dr. Katona made me feel super comfortable and at ease. I was in and out in less than one day - this was easier than a dentist visit. For anyone who is balding and wants to cry every day when they see their hairline diminish, I definitely recommend you take control and do something about it like I did. - Jeff P.


 by James T
Great Experience

I had my hair restoration done by the Katona team a few weeks ago. I can report that the experience has been a very good one. Pretty much everything they told me regarding what would happen during as well as the recovery portion was pretty spot on. The procedure was very straight forward and there was no pain at all during the procedure. The next day I took a couple of aspirin for a light headache I had, but that was about it. The doctor and his assistant were the best and seemed to take care about my situation very much. My hair still has a long way to go before it grows back in but I can see the outline of where all the hairs will be. Excited for the final result! - James 

 by Domenick S
Can't wait to see my results!

There's should be 1000 stars for these guys and gals. Ron is the most amazing guy!! Walked me through the process the first time and a year later I had awesome results. I decided a month ago to get another procedure. And once again the 3 girls who did the procedure were gentle, kind and overall it was the best surgery I went though. Painless!!!! Cannot wait to see my results in 3-6 months. Anyone looking to get Hair Restoration... Call Ron ASAP. All of the other companies are pretenders!!

 by Tony L
Highly Recommend Dr. Katona

The decision was simple after consulting with Dr. Katona. He is one of the most genuine, kind hearted, patient, and class act you can ever ask for from a doctor. Dr. Katona he is the only doctor I would get this procedure done by. He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, crafted, and treats everyone as a family no matter if you are a client or an athlete. Make the transition to a head full of hair now before it is too late. You will not regret the decision when you look back on it. - Tony L.

 by James
I am very satisfied with the service and results

Came in from California to get my procedure done, it was easy overall, I had 1800 grafts with FUE. It took 5 hours there were a total of 4 techs plus the doctor so it was a good team process. I am pleased, no surprises at all, mild discomfort the 1st night for those of you worried about pain, I flew back home the next day. I looked at other Hair companies in Orlando but really enjoyed Central Florida Hair. Give them a call and get an evaluation it was worth it for me.
James, San Diego

 by Kay G
Very Happy

Dr. Katona made me feel welcome and was extremely nice and showed a lot of care for my well being while there. Hasn't been long since my procedure of 3500 grafts. It was a 2 day procedure. I was very happy with the whole process and service. Thanks so much guys. You are great. - Kay G.

 by Joe
This was a good choice

I never thought about a hair transplant until my wife was expecting our first child.  I just realized I didn’t want to be the “old looking dad”, I am in my late 30’s so I decided to get something done.  I did not realize that there were so many doctors offering the neograft in the Orlando region.  I must have gone to 6 different consults, they all were really pushing neograft, I guess because that’s all they offered, during these consults they never mentioned any other surgical options.  I met with Ron and he went over all options, for my hair loss they recommended the FUT technique, I was initially not interested because of the scar, but they have developed a technique where they make the scar go away using neograft after the strip procedure.  This was great because in my profession I couldn’t get away with having a military style hair cut even for a short period of time.  Unlike the stuff you read online, there was very little discomfort following the surgery, I took a few days off from work, and no one knew I had done anything.  The hair is growing in faster than I was told and read online.  My best advice if you are starting your research is to keep an open mind, think about what you learn during your consultations and look at the source.  If a clinic only offers one type of procedure, that is all they will tell you about.  I like that Doctor discussed all my options so I could choose.  Besides having more options, I liked the session pricing vs a per graft cost, it’s not like I could count the grafts, and their team has been together since 2004, you get the same team of techs every day.  Ron was great following up with me each day after surgery for the first 2 weeks.  I like how everything went, it was a good choice.

Joe, Winter Park, Florida

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Neograft Reviews

“The surgery center is great, I knew who was going to be performing my procedure prior to it, there were no surprises. I came from out of town, they hooked me up with a room right next to the office for my wife and I. I wasn’t totally bald, just needed my hair line lowered a little and they really understood the artistic side of things. Give them a call and see what they can do for you, I did compare them to my local doctors and decided to travel”.

Matt, Ocala

“I came from Jacksonville to get my hair done after my wife’s Plastic Surgeon recommended Alicia and the team at Central Florida Hair. They were honest about the outcome and made me and my family feel very comfortable during the entire process. The cost was reasonable and I liked the level of professionalism they presented. Thanks”.

Marcus, Jacksonville Florida

“I went to Central Florida Hair Restoration to upgrade my older strip procedure and get rid of the old scar on the back of my head. The Neograft procedure went great and I was back at work 3 days later”.

James, Altamonte Springs

“The team at Central Florida Hair gave me my hair back, I looked at other Orlando Hair Loss clinics but was not impressed by their techniques. My wife is a nurse and was impressed by their honest consultation and evaluation of my hair loss situation. Thanks”.

Michael, Melbourne Fl.

“I wanted to do a FUE procedure but I wasn’t sure which one would work, I heard about different types on the radio. I thought about the Robot but learned that it was expensive and limited, I went with the Neograft procedure after my consultation at Central Florida Hair Restoration, it’s been 6 months and it has been great so far”.
Al, Longwood, Fl.

“I flew in with my family from Philadelphia to get Neograft hair transplants. The techs and doctor at Central Florida Hair helped me arrange a hair transplant/family vacation all in one week. It’s been 6 months since my hair transplant and my new hair looks great so far”.
Ken, Bucks County, Pa.

“I heard about these guys on Tom and Dan a month ago, went for a evaluation and got it done the following week. It was an easy procedure and the hair is growing”.
Don, Kissimmee

Hair Transplant Reviews Orlando

” I want to thank Dr. Hirsch and the great team of technicians for the job they did fixing my hair loss. I did about a year of research before choosing Central Florida Hair. Alicia , Jenny, and Zilkia were my technicians and did a super job, I liked the fact that they were all local and have been doing hair for over 10 years. I went with the Neograft hair transplant to fix up an older procedure and am very happy.”
Jimmy, Lake Mary

” My checklist for which Neograft clinic in Orlando to choose was: Experience, Facilities, and Cost. Alicia and the other techs have over 10 years of doing hair transplants, Dr. Hirsch even longer. The office in Heathrow was very nice and during my procedure my wife was able to have a spa day. I compared the cost and they were more affordable and had the highest Neograft Reviews in Orlando. Easy recovery and no pain afterwords. ”
Alex, Winter Park

” I had a older strip procedure at Bosley a few years ago, it was ok but I wanted the hair line to be softer and look more natural.  I met with Alicia and Dr. Hirsch and decided to get Neograft done, the procedure was more affordable and I went back to work faster.  The hair is growing in much faster than the Bosley procedure.  If you are thinking about Neograft visit Central Florida Hair Restoration.

Mark Simpson, Winter Park