Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is known as the “No-Scar” Hair Restoration technique.  Doctors and Specially trained technicians use a small, less than 1mm round punch to remove individual hairs from the back of the head and insert them into the bald areas.  FUE Hair Transplantation does not utilize a scalpel so there are no stitches.

The cost of FUE Hair Restoration is less than traditional Hair Transplants and the healing is very fast, our patients report hair growth in just a few weeks after their procedure.  The procedure takes a few hours and most of our clients do not need to shave their heads.

FUE Hair Transplant Orlando

Central Florida Hair Restoration uses the latest FUE technology to harvest these tiny less than 1mm hair grafts.  There are many clinics in Central Florida that offer Hair Transplant surgery.  Do your research when choosing a Doctor.  Pricing, Experience and Results are important factors.

FUE has many advantages over traditional Hair Transplants:

  • No Linear Donor Scar.
  • Affordability.
  • Post-Surgery Hair Style Options.
  • Faster Healing.

FUE also called Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) are the 2 most popular methods for men to restore their lost and thinning hair.  We use a small (about 1 mm) round punch to score around the selected hairs.  The punch is attached to a motorized handpiece that spins at a selected speed to allow the hair graft to be extracted from the donor area.  In most cases, only about 20 hair grafts per square cm are removed during FUE.  If too many grafts are extracted the donor area can look thin.

FUT surgery removes a strip of donor area, about 1 cm wide by 10 to 15 cm in length.  Technicians using light boxes and different types of enhancement will dissect the strip getting Follicular Units (1-4 haired grafts).  One advantage of the FUT method is that every donor hair is used compared to FUE where only 1/5 of the hair is used.  This allows larger hair transplant procedures to be performed.  FUT allows us to transplant 30% more hair than FUE.

Many of our hair loss clients in Orlando and Melbourne shy away from the FUT procedure because they are concerned about having a Linear Scar on the back of their head.  We have been able to Eliminate this by using Trichophytic Donor closure and we have created a procedure that removes Linear scars using Follicular Unit Extraction and Neograft.

The healing time for both procedures is similar.  The scabs on the top of the head are gone in 5 days.  You will have stitches with the FUT procedure, these are removed in 7-10 days.  Activity restrictions are similar and growth rates are about the same.

Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages.  Most of our hair loss clients are candidates for both hair restoration procedures so they can choose.  There are some hair loss clients that are not good candidates for FUE Hair Transplantation.  These men can still restore their hair loss with our FUT procedure without a Linear Scar.

FUE Hair Restoration Potential Side Effects

Hair Restoration surgery is one of the safest cosmetic surgical procedures that you can have done.  There are very few side effects.

  • Infection.
  • Reaction to Local Anesthesia.
  • Poor Growth.

We take every precaution to minimize and eliminate any potential side effects.  Antibiotics are prescribed if indicated.  A comprehensive medical history is performed by our physicians prior to your procedure.  Poor Growth is minimized with Follicular Unit grafts.  We have the largest team of experienced techs assigned to each procedure to ensure that graft loss is minimal.  Our largest Follicular Unit Extraction procedures take less than 6 hours ensuring the best growth rate in Orlando.

Central Florida Hair Restoration is the Leader for FUE Hair Replacement

  • Most Experienced Team in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Altamonte Springs.
  • Only Team that performs FUT/FUE Combination Hair Transplant Procedures.
  • Most Affordable Hair Transplant Options in Florida.  Save 2500.00 in Janurary 2022.
  • Our Team started FUE in 2004, other Hair Restoration clinics in Orlando are at least 8 years behind us.

Questions About FUE:

  1.  Will I need to Shave My Head for FUE?

It depends on your level of Hair Loss. 50% of our FUE Hair Transplant clients do not shave their heads for this Advanced Procedure.

2.  Are the Results of FUE Better than FUT Hair Transplantation?

They are basically the same, our FUE Technique uses Follicular Unit Grafts, which results in better growth than other Orlando Hair Transplant Clinics.  Our FUT Hair Transplant gives you 30% More Hair than FUE options in Florida.

3.  How much will FUE Cost vs FUT?

Central Florida Hair Restoration doesn’t pretend to Inflate the Cost of FUE compared to FUT.  Our Experience allows us to offer both of these Hair Transplant procedures for the same Price.  Our FUE cost is 30% Less than other Orlando Hair Clinics and Doctors.

4.  Is FUE a Safer Hair Transplant Procedure?

No, Hair Transplant Procedures are the safest among all cosmetic surgeries, regardless of type FUE or FUT.

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