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Hair Transplant Scar Repair Cost Hair Transplant Repair

Hair Transplant Repair for old hair transplants is most common with patients who had a procedure done over 10 years ago.  Most patients who had “Plug” and “Mini-Graft” procedures want their donor scar fixed and their hair line “softened”.  We try to fix both the donor scar and the hair line at the same time.

We have found that the best way to improve these older hair transplants is to use Neograft® or FUE technology.  In the past Hair Restoration doctors would try to remove the old scar.  This often failed causing the scar to become worse.

With today’s techniques, we can transplant grafts into the old scar.  We also remove old large plugs and turn them into 1 to 3 haired grafts to create a better hairline.  It typically costs between 4 and 6 thousand dollars.  We have done scar repair that costs as little as 2000.00.

Hair Transplant Repair

Central Florida Hair Restoration uses FUE to upgrade and repair Scars, Plugs, and thin hair restoration results.  These tools allow our experienced technicians and hair transplant surgeons to create natural-looking results.

Many hair transplant patients in Orlando have been told that they do not have enough donor.  We have the skill and technology to help most patients.  Come in for a free evaluation to see if we can help you look better.

How We Use FUE to Repair Hair Plugs

The worst looking hair transplants are caused by doctors not using Follicular Unit grafts in the hairline.  Many of the older hair transplants used micro and mini grafts.  These grafts contained too many hairs making it impossible for the hairline to look natural.  We combine 2 techniques to correct these mistakes.  We hide these unnatural grafts by surrounding them with 1 and 2 haired grafts.  Another technique is to remove the large grafts and turn them into smaller grafts.  In most cases, we combine these techniques to recreate a natural hairline.

Some Hair Transplants performed 10 years ago in Central Florida were not done using the proper angles.  So the hair did not look natural when it exited the scalp, this is a fairly easy fix.  Our doctors are able to hide these bad angles with new hair that exits the scalp properly.  If the original grafts were too large and have bad angles we will remove them, replacing them with follicular units.

Hiding Bad or Large Donor Scars

Bad surgical techniques can cause visible donor scars.  The old technique to fix these scars was to remove them and let them heal.  We have a better way to hide these scars.  We use FUE to transplant follicular unit grafts into them.  A lot of doctors thought that the new grafts would not grow in the scar tissue.  Most patients with wide scars are good candidates to have follicular unit grafts transplanted into them.  We can fix this in 1 procedure.  There are some patients that will need 2 sessions to fix the scars.  It depends on how each patient heals and the depth of the scar.  During your consultation, we will evaluate your situation and create a plan to help you reach your goal.

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How We Upgrade and Repair Old Hair Transplants

Hair transplants using1 and 2 hair grafts cause thin results.  There is an Art to Hair Restoration Surgery that takes years of experience to develop and master.  We improve a “thin” result by using 3 and 4 haired grafts to give you more thickness.  Some Hair Transplant Clinics in Orlando that offer FUE use smaller grafts for financial reasons.

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