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Hair Restoration Surgery

Do you suffer from Hair Loss in Orlando?  Our Hair Transplant procedures can help you Look Younger and Feel Better.  Central Florida Hair Restoration is the Leader for Natural Hair Transplants.  Our Team has spent the last 20 years perfecting Hair Restoration for Men and Women in Orlando.

Thinning Hair and Male Pattern Baldness is a major concern for the men and women in Orlando.  Most Hair Loss clients would hide their problem.  They did not have confidence in the older Hair Restoration procedures.  It was safer to shave their heads or invest in a collection of hats.  The unnaturalness of Hair Plugs and the lack of Qualified doctors kept them from enjoying a full head of hair.

Central Florida Hair Restoration has solved these problems.  You no longer have to hide your Baldness or Thin Hair.  We have 2 surgical Hair Restoration options that produce Natural results.  We have performed thousands of procedures safely and without incidence.  Our Doctors and Technicians have outstanding records and specialized training.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation, 407-968-8836.

Orlando Hair Restoration Options

There are 2 Hair Transplant techniques that we use to restore your hair loss.  FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction.  Both procedures can give you back your hair without anyone knowing if you choose the right team.  Today’s Hair Transplantation techniques do not use Hair Plugs or cause excessive scarring.   Your specific hair loss cause and the extent of the loss will determine which procedure we use.

FUE and FUT procedures have more in common than you would expect.  The only difference is how our doctors obtain the donor hair.  Some proponents of FUE want you to believe that there is a huge difference, probably so that they can justify their higher prices.  Our team has the most experience in Orlando so I can assure you that there are no “Special” FUE techniques when it comes to placing the hair grafts.  There is one FUE device that has the capability to insert grafts but no one uses this feature because it is not effective.

Overview of Our Hair Transplant Procedure’s

  • Your surgeon will review the Plan that was prepared during your consultation.  We review your Goals and Priorities, taking as much time as needed.
  • The Donor area is prepared and the Hair Line is drawn by the surgeon.  You give the final approval on your new Hair Line.  If you are a candidate for our No Shave FUE technique, we prep the area.  We do not require our clients to “shave” the recipient area.
  • Anesthesia is administered by the surgeon and the Hair Follicles are extracted or removed.
  • During the FUE or FUT techniques, we separate and inspect the grafts 3 times prior to implantation.
  • Recipient Sites are created by hand using our Experience and Artistic abilities.  We use specially designed micro-blades to minimize trauma and eliminate scarring.

Hair Restoration in Orlando and Melbourne Fl.

Central Florida Hair Restoration has been performing hair transplant surgery in Orlando since 2003.  Over the last 17 years, we have had the opportunity to evaluate and develop the best hair restoration devices to help hair transplant doctors all over the world perform better.  We started performing FUE hair transplant procedures in 2004, the technology was so poor that we could only transplant a few hundred grafts at a time, now we are able to transplant over 5000 hairs in a single procedure.

Central Florida Hair Restoration clients come to us from throughout Florida and the U.S. because we have combined technology, experience, and artistry.  We are the most experienced hair restoration clinic in Orlando and Melbourne Fl. that offers FUE hair restoration.  We have developed great techniques for hair transplant repair, fixing the old hair plug procedures and filling in linear donor scars with FUE.

Am I Too Old for Hair Restoration?

Men in their 60’s and 70’s are some of the best candidates for Hair Restoration.  They have reached an age where their Hair Loss is well defined.  Most men of this age will not see a rapid loss of hair.  Hair Restoration is a great option for baby boomers who wish to look younger.  Looking younger improves your self-confidence and performance in life.  Hair Restoration Surgery is a very safe.  It is a minimally invasive procedure. Requires no general anesthesia and is completed in less than 4 hours.  The results of Hair Restoration Surgery performed today are Natural and last forever.

Age Factors when Considering Hair Restoration in your 60’s:

  • Overall Health.  Our Doctors will evaluate your specific wellness.
  • What types of medications are you taking?
  • Can you tolerate an FUE Hair Restoration Procedure?
  • What are your Hair Restoration Goals?

FUT Hair Restoration Surgery

No-Scar FUT hair transplantation is a popular and proven hair restoration surgery technique.  Gone are the days of Plugs and Bad scars on the back of the head.  Our hair transplant procedures in Orlando produce natural results.  We use Trichophytic donor closure and then follow up by placing 100 grafts using Neograft®.  Some men and women will not be good candidates for a Neograft procedure.  So we developed this combination FUT/FUE procedure.  Our clients can still treat their hair loss without being left with an obvious donor scar.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Known as “No Scar” hair replacement surgery.  FUE is the most requested hair loss surgery we perform.  Neograft® and other FUE procedures will not create a linear donor scar.

FUE allows you to wear your hair very short.  The healing time with FUE is a little faster than FUT.  Your new hair will start to grow within about 8 weeks.  There is very little pain after a Hair Transplant procedure, regardless of the technique used.

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We are proud to have the most experienced technicians and doctors in Orlando.  Central Florida Hair Restoration performs Neograft® and Follicular Unit hair transplant procedures.  We are proud to offer Neograft® FUE at affordable prices.  Our Neograft® cost is 30% less in Florida compared to other clinics.  We keep our hair transplant prices affordable.  It is the only procedure we perform and we do not fly in our technicians from out of state.

Hair Restoration Orlando

1500 Grafts, 15 Years Experience

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Compare a Hair Transplant vs Hair Systems

Today’s FUE technology has made the cosmetic comparison between Hair Systems and Hair Surgery an easy choice.  Hair Transplant procedures look more natural and require no upkeep or activity restrictions.  The cost of Hair Restoration surgery in Orlando is much less than Hair Systems.  A quality Hair System will cost you between 8 and 10 thousand dollars per year.

The downside of Hair Systems far outweighs their benefits.  The glue and adhesives used to secure the system to your scalp will cause traction baldness.  This damage can become permanent making your hair loss situation worse than before you started.  Some men and women who suffer from hair loss will benefit from hair systems.  Most men who have Male Pattern Baldness are better candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery.

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