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Central Florida Hair Restoration is the Safest Hair Transplant Clinic in Orlando and Melbourne, Florida.  We perform 1 Hair Transplant per Day, Unlike other Orlando Hair Restoration Clinics that perform 3-6 surgeries increasing the Risk to you and your Family.  We have always focused on a Single FUE or FUT Hair Transplantation with a Team of 4 Certified Technicians and a Board Certified Surgeon.  

Our Team was the 1st in Florida to be Certified in all Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) Hair Transplantation procedures.  We are the only Hair Restoration clinic that offers FUE/FUT Hybrid Hair Loss surgery.  Call 407-968-8836 to schedule your free consultation.

You have Options in Central Florida regarding your Hair Loss.  We know that our Team with over 20 Years of Experience is your Best Choice.  In the last 2 years, numerous Hair Transplant Clinics in Orlando have “Popped Up” offering “Low Prices” and “Inflated Credentials”.  We only perform Surgical Hair Restoration Procedures, No Botox or Fillers.  There is only 1 focus at our Orlando hair clinic Great Hair Transplants one patient at a time.

Only Hair Clinic in Central Florida offering FUE and FUT procedures.

  1.  Call to Schedule your Free Hair Transplant Consultation in one of our 5 Locations in Orlando and 2 offices in Melbourne and Vero Beach, Florida.
  2. Learn which Hair Transplant Procedure is Best for your Hair Loss, FUE, or FUT.
  3. Find Out How Affordable Hair Transplantation in Orlando is.

FUE Hair Transplantation without Plugs or Ugly Linear Donor Scars

  • Featuring Neograft®, Safe FUE, and No-Scar FUT.
  • New Prices for 2022, Save up to 2500.00 in the New Year.
  • Full-Time Surgical Assistants Specializing in Hair Transplant Surgery. 

Hair Transplant Orlando

Hair Transplant Surgery is the fastest way to remove the effects of age, stress, and not feeling your best.  You can look 10 years younger with our minimally invasive hair transplant procedures.  Our Team has worked together since 2004.  We combine the Best FUE Hair Transplantation with a personal approach that produces Natural Results.

Recent Study shows that men who have had a Hair Transplant Look Younger and are perceived as being More Successful. 

  • 1st Hair Transplant Clinic in Orlando to Offer Neograft®.
  • Most Experienced in Orlando performing Hair Transplant Surgery.
  • Only Doctor to Charge Per Session, True Transparency in Pricing.
  • Over 10,000 procedures performed.
  • 1st clinic in Orlando to perform FUE. Started in 2004.

Hair Transplant Cost

Compare Our Hair Transplants to Orlando Hair MD

Natural Results Less just 3.00/Graft

Prices start at 5,800.00

Based on reviews from Our patients in Orlando Florida, our prices for Hair Transplant procedures are Affordable.  Numerous options to fit your budget.  Achieve Your Best and improve the quality of your life with A Full Head of Hair.

We encourage you to compare both pricing and results when researching hair transplant procedures in Orlando.  There has never been a better time to restore your hair.  The cost per graft is less and the results have never been better.  Our Clients give us Higher Reviews compared to Bosley and Orlando Hair MD. Very Affordable and The Most Experienced Hair Transplant Team in Central Florida.  Visit us in one of our Orlando location for your free Hair Loss Consultation today.

 Learn More About Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration

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  • FaceTime and Skype consultations available.
  • New Location for Hair Loss clients in Melbourne, Vero Beach Florida, and Brevard County.

The Premier Hair Transplant Team in Orlando

Our team exclusively performs Hair Transplant procedures.  We use Neograft® (FUE), and FUT without a permanent donor scar.  We are the only clinic in Central Florida that can Perform both FUE and FUT.

The majority of our clients come from personal referrals, not expensive advertising.  This allows us to offer affordable solutions to Restore your Lost and Thinning Hair.  Central Florida Hair Restoration is the leader when it comes to Hair Transplant Repair.  We help clients who have hair loss caused by scarring from traumatic injuries such as car accidents and other events.

Our team works with Veterans to improve their self-confidence by eliminating scars from service-related injuries.  Members of our team are veterans themselves and have family members who are currently on active duty serving our country.

Hair Restoration FAQ’s

What is the Difference Between FUE Hair Transplant Technology?

  • Both FUE devices can Extract hair grafts.
  • These devices rely on Technicians to implant the grafts.
  • Neograft® is FDA Approved for FUE Hair Transplants in both Men and Women.
  • Both devices require manual separation and possible trimming of the grafts following the extraction.
  • Price comparisons, it depends on how much hair you have lost.  Each clinic will have different prices, there are 2 clinics in Orlando that use ARTAS®, and 7 that use Neograft® there will be some variations from clinic to clinic.
  • Our Neograft® and FUE prices start at 5,800.00 in 2022.

We recommend that our clients take 3 days off from work and just relax following their Neograft® or FUE Hair Transplant procedure.  If you are restoring your Hair-Line take it easy for 3 days.  We offer  “Lunch Time” Neograft® FUE procedures that allows you to return to work the next day.



Hair Transplant Success Rates

Read about Central Florida Hair Restoration success rates and our techniques to achieve better Hair Transplant Results.  Your transplanted hair is permanent, it will start to grow within a few weeks following your procedure.

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Get the Best Hair Transplant in Orlando

  • Choose Central Florida Hair Restoration to Restore your Hair Loss.
  • Neograft® and FUE are the best No Scar Hair Transplant Options.
  • Use a Local Hair Transplant Team

We are confident that you will choose Central Florida Hair Restoration if you have a hair loss problem.  We want you to have great hair transplant results that are affordable.  Contact us for questions about hair loss or for a referral if you cannot travel to Orlando, Sarasota, Gainesville, Tallahassee, or Melbourne Florida.  We have great relationships with the top Hair Restoration Doctors throughout the United States if you live in other states.

Hair Loss Cure

Hair loss is a frustrating medical condition that you have no control over.  Rogaine may help but only for about 1/3 of those who try it.

Hair Restoration procedures are very effective but may be outside your budget in your area of Florida.  Call us we will do our best to find a solution that you can afford.

The experience level of hair transplant doctors in Florida varies from 6 months to over 15 years.  Just as important as the doctor’s experience level is the technicians that assist them.  At Central Florida Hair Restoration you can trust that we have the most experienced team in Orlando and Melbourne Florida.

Compare Our Results

Great Hair Transplant Results Orlando Florida

Central Florida Hair Restoration is the only clinic in Orlando and Melbourne Fl that offers Neograft® and New FUE.  Our team is local and has worked together longer than any other group in Central Florida.

Our Hair Restoration Technicians have been trained in Neograft®, SmartGraft®, ARTAS®, and Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation.  We have chosen Neograft® and FUE instead of ARTAS® or Smartgraft® for our hair loss clients at this time.  As the Robot continues to evolve we will reevaluate it for use with our clients.

We use a Hair Restoration Quality Control program that inspects the donor hair 3 times prior to implantation.  We are always improving the hair transplant procedure so that our hair loss clients get the best results.

Hair Transplant Repair

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