Hair Restoration Melbourne Fl

Hair Restoration in Melbourne Florida has never been Easier or More Affordable than Today.  Central Florida Hair Restoration is the only Hair Transplant Clinic that offers Both FUE and FUT procedures in Brevard County. 

We have offices in Vero Beach and Merrit Island.  Our Neograft Hair Transplant Solution is the Best FUE option for you to Restore Your Baldness and Thinning Hair.  Call 407-968-8836 to schedule your free Hair Loss Evaluation.

Hair Transplant Melbourne Florida

  • Neograft Hair Transplant in Melbourne Fl. and Vero Beach.
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplants.
  • FUT Hair Transplant without a Permanent Linear Donor Scar.

Alternative to Melbourne Hair MD and Bosley Medical

Hair Transplant and Neograft in Melbourne Fl

Best Hair Transplant in Melbourne Florida

  • More experience performing FUE procedures in Melbourne Fl.
  • Less expensive than Melbourne Hair MD and Bosley Medical.
  • Customized hair loss treatment plans for each patient.

Contact Us to Learn More About Hair Transplant options in Melbourne Florida and Vero Beach, 407-968-8836.

Neograft Hair Transplant Melbourne Fl.

Hair Restoration Melbourne fl, Hair Transplant Melbourne fl

Neograft Melbourne

We help hair loss clients in Melbourne Florida and Vero Beach restore their hair without the traditional invasive Strip hair transplant procedure.  We use Neograft and FUE as our minimally invasive hair restoration procedures.  These 2 FUE procedures result in better growth and faster healing compared to ARTAS and Manual FUE.

Our Neograft procedure is great for men who are just starting to lose their hair?  By treating your hair loss early you can prevent anyone from ever knowing that you were going bald.  New studies show that Hair Loss has significant effects on your Professional and Personal Life.

Hair Transplant Repair and Hair Restoration Melbourne Fl.

Our team takes great pride in helping men and women improve their appearance and lives.  We have the experience and the newest Hair Restoration technology to fix and upgrade these older hair transplants.  We use techniques to transplant “softer” hair follicles to create natural hairlines and remove old Donor Scars.

It takes a balance of Artistry and Surgical technique to produce a great hair transplant.  We believe that balance can only be achieved with a highly trained hair restoration team.  It’s not easy to substitute experience for technology and hope to produce great hair transplant result.  The problem is that technology cannot adapt to each individual’s hair loss problems.

Our Team was the 1st in Brevard County to offer FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedures.  They developed a groundbreaking technique that combined FUT and Neograft to transplant the maximum amount of hair without a permanent Linear Donor Scar.  To learn more about your Hair Loss options in Melbourne and Vero Beach Florida contact us, we offer free consultations and Affordable financing for our Hair Restoration Treatments.

Hair Transplant Cost in Melbourne Florida

 The most affordable hair transplant pricing in Melbourne Fl. and Brevard County.  We are the only Hair Restoration clinic in Central Florida that has a full-time team of technicians.  Our Technicians only perform hair transplant procedures, the other Melbourne Fl. hair clinics do not have their own hair techs.  The majority of our hair loss clients come from personal referrals and organic search results.  This allows us to keep our prices affordable.

Our average Price Per Graft for hair transplants is under 3 dollars, this includes Neograft and FUE.  Our prices start at 5,500 and do not exceed 7.300 dollars for the largest procedures.  Hair Transplant pricing should not be the only factor when comparing Hair Restoration centers in Brevard County.  It is important because you do not want to overpay to get your hair back.  Experience, Technical Expertise, and Artistry are the most important factors.  Our Team has all of these qualities, to thank our clients we added Affordability as a bonus.

What To Expect During Your Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure will take between 4 and 6 hours.  There is no pain during our Neograft procedures.  During the procedure, you will be able to listen to music or take a nap during the extraction process.  It will take about 1-2 hours to remove the individual hair follicles.  There is no use of scalpels or stitches.  The Neograft Hair Transplant procedure is very precise and allows us to use the permanent donor hair for Results that will last a Lifetime.

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