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Neograft® FUE is the most widely used Hair Transplant in Jacksonville Florida.  Our team at Central Florida Hair Restoration, located in Orlando is the most experienced Neograft provider in the state.  If you are considering FUE/FUT for your Hair Loss Solutions, Call 407-968-8836.  We have great pricing and our team balances Technology with Artistic ability.  We produce natural results that hair loss clients are looking for.

Compare us to Bosley and Jacksonville Hair MD.  We have more experience and will save you thousands on FUE.

Neograft® Cost Jacksonville Fl

Neograft® is a great FUE Hair Transplant option.  We keep our Neograft® Cost between 5,800 and 6,800 for most procedures.  This is up to 3,000 dollars less than other Hair Restoration clinics in Jacksonville Fl and Duval County.

Central Florida Hair Restoration keeps your FUE Cost affordable by performing Hair Transplants full time.  We employ our own technicians.  Most doctors who offer FUE fly in their techs from out of state causing their prices to be higher.  Our average cost Per Graft is less than 3 Dollars.

How do you know if you are getting the Best Hair Restoration procedure for the price?  Balance Cost with the Quality of your Neograft® procedure.  We have the most experienced Technicians in Florida that perform Hair Transplants.  That being said we are one of the most Affordable options for Neograft® in Jacksonville Fl. and Saint Augustine.

When you research Hair Transplants in your area, you will probably find that Doctors with minimal experience may charge the most.  As a Hair Transplant patient myself I wouldn’t base my decision on the cost of the procedure.  If my budget was less than the quoted price I would wait an extra month to afford the best team and doctor.

Call 407-968-8836    Janurary 2022 Special.

FUE Hair Transplant

Neograft is one Hair Transplant procedure that can help you get your hair back.  Not all men who experience hair loss will be good candidates for FUE procedures.  We recognized this 5 years ago and developed a Hair Transplant procedure customized for these men.  We have combined the FUE Hair Transplant with our FUT procedure.  This allows those patients to restore their baldness without a permanent linear donor scar.

Why wouldn’t you be a good candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant?

  • Having a Large Bald area compared to the Donor Area.
  • Experiencing Hair Loss at a young age.
  • The Quality of Your donor hair is less than optimal.
  • Needing multiple procedures to meet your desired goals.

Do I have to get a Strip Hair Transplant if I am not recommended for a FUE procedure?

No, our doctors will make a recommendation based on your hair loss, donor availability, and donor hair quality.  After their recommendation, some of our hair loss clients insist on Neograft® or FUE.  We follow their wishes and create a plan that restores their hair loss with modifications to their goals and number of procedures.

We recommend that you get a few opinions regarding your Hair Loss and Hair Transplant options in Jacksonville, Fl.  Some doctors believe that every level of Baldness and Thinning Hair can be treated with  FUE.  This is because it is the only Hair Transplant procedure that they are able to offer.  Central Florida Hair Restoration has been helping men and women in Florida since 2003.  We have the experience and more than 1 technology to Restore your Hair.

Best Indications for Neograft®  Neograft Jacksonville Fl, Hair Transplant Jacksonville Florida

Neograft® FUE Hair Transplant procedures are for Hair Loss patients who do not want a Linear Donor scar.  It’s good for men who wear their hair short.  It does not remove a strip of scalp from the back of the head.  FUE allows the doctor to extract individual hair grafts.  It is best if you are in the early to moderate stages of hair loss.  There are limitations to the amount of hair that can be extracted.

Hair loss clients who have lost a large amount of hair are better candidates for our FUT procedure.  Central Florida Hair Restoration uses FUE for Hair Transplant Repair procedures.  We fix old plug Hair Transplants and Remove Donor Scars.  To learn more about Hair Transplantation in Jacksonville Fl Call 407-968-8836.  We can do initial consultations via Skype or FaceTime as well as phone consultations.

FUE Compared to Non-Surgical Hair Restorations

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration options such as Rogaine and PDO Threads are a good Hair Loss Preventative option.  Neither treatment is permanent.  FUE is permanent and has little to no side effects.

No Shave Hair Transplant Procedures

Most doctors who offer FUE procedures require their patients to shave their heads for the procedure.  This can have a negative effect on your professional life because you suddenly have a shaved head.  We developed a “No Shave” Technique.  Most of our male and female hair loss clients are candidates for this technique. It allows us to hide the donor area with your existing hair.  We never require our patients to shave the top of their heads for our hair transplant procedures.

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