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We appreciate the Neograft Reviews and Testimonials from our Central Florida Hair Restoration clients.  Our clients privacy is a priority for us, clients who give us their testimonials and reviews also instruct us to the level of anonymity that they require and we follow their instructions.  We ask each Hair Restoration client for feedback on our performance so that we can improve for the next client.

Neograft Results Central Florida Hair Restoration

Great Neograft Results only 6 Months

I came from California to get my procedure done at Central Florida Hair.  I did my consult over the phone with Ron.  I felt very comfortable traveling for my Neograft transplant.  Honestly, the 1st consideration was the cost, in L.A. they charge over 10,000 for this surgery.  Once the cost issue was resolved I focused on the doctor and the team.  Most clinics don’t have full time techs, and if they do they only have a couple of years experience.  Ron has been doing hair for over 20 years and the other techs over 12 years.  For people considering a hair transplant find out in advance who is involved in your surgery, doctors, and technicians.  The actual procedure was smooth, Ron picked me up from the airport, we went to the clinic, met the team and went over the plan.  It took about 5 hours, minor discomfort afterward but I had some pills for that.  I spent the night and flew back home.  The scabs were gone in 5 days and the hair started to grow a few weeks later.  I was told that it may not start to grow for 3 months, but it started early.  Nothing but compliments for Alicia, Zilkia, and Jenny.  Ron has stayed in touch over the last 6 months, so it wasn’t like they got paid and forgot about me.

Jeff, Los Angelas, California.  Neograft

I’ll keep this short.

  1.  Great Staff, they have been together since 2004.  Been doing FUE since 2004.
  2. Great Facility.
  3. The cost was reasonable, a little higher than other Hair Transplant doctors in Orlando but well worth it for the quality of their work.
  4. I liked the fact that they didn’t charge per graft, it makes total sense.  I asked Ron how many grafts I would get and he gave the best answer I heard out of 3 consults I went to.  He said, “we will transplant as many grafts as we can safely get”.  Other places through out numbers like 2200, 2500, and 2000 grafts, Ron pointed out to me that you don’t know how many grafts until the extraction is complete, he also said that you can’t count the grafts, so you are trusting the doctor.  I liked the no bs approach.   Jack, Deltona Florida

I never thought about a hair transplant until my wife was expecting our first child.  I just realized I didn’t want to be the “old looking dad”, I am in my late 30’s so I decided to get something done.  I did not realize that there were so many doctors offering the neograft in the Orlando region.  I must have gone to 6 different consults, they all were really pushing neograft, I guess because that’s all they offered, during these consults they never mentioned any other surgical options.  I met with Ron and he went over all options, for my hair loss they recommended the FUT technique, I was initially not interested because of the scar, but they have developed a technique where they make the scar go away using neograft after the strip procedure.  This was great because in my profession I couldn’t get away with having a military style hair cut even for a short period of time.  Unlike the stuff you read online, there was very little discomfort following the surgery, I took a few days off from work, and no one knew I had done anything.  The hair is growing in faster than I was told and read online.  My best advice if you are starting your research is to keep an open mind, think about what you learn during your consultations and look at the source.  If a clinic only offers one type of procedure, that is all they will tell you about.  I like that Doctor discussed all my options so I could choose.  Besides having more options, I liked the session pricing vs a per graft cost, it’s not like I could count the grafts, and their team has been together since 2004, you get the same team of techs every day.  Ron was great following up with me each day after surgery for the first 2 weeks.  I like how everything went, it was a good choice.

Joe, Winter Park, Florida

If you are looking to get your hair fixed I recommend Central Florida Hair, Dr. Hirsch and his technicians did a great job filling in my hair line, I didn’t need a lot of grafts, I just had a little loss in the front.  I decide to have my procedure done by them after hearing about them on Tom and Dan and researching my options in Orlando, I went to a few consultations and after weighing the cost and how many years Dr. Hirsch has been performing Neograft it was a easy decision.  I was able to meet with Alicia and Zilkia during my consultation, they were the techs along with Jenny that would be helping Dr. Hirsch, out of all of my consults this was the only place where I was able to meet the techs, after researching the Neograft reviews in Orlando I learned that the techs re just as important as the doctor.  Dr. Hirsch’s techs have been doing hair for over 10 years so I was sold.  The procedure went well, minor pain with the “numbing” part but after that I never felt a thing.  I went back to work in a few days and the new hair started growing in a month.  I can’t wait until the final result but at 6 months I’m very happy.  Thanks again everyone at Central Florida Hair Restoration.

Zach, Satelite Beach

It was a great decision.  I am 57 and starting to show my age.  My wife encouraged me to fix my hair line.  The team was so professional.  Alicia, Jenny, and Zilkia were the technicians.  I had met Alicia for the first consult, everything went according to plan.  I was able to talk with the doctor prior to my procedure and there were no surprises.  I’m 6 months out and the hair looks amazing.

Steve, Merritt Island

I decided to get my hair line fixed after my first child was born, I’m in my late 30’s and I didn’t want to be the “old” looking dad dropping my kids off at school.  I chose the Neograft technique since it involved no cutting or stitches of my head.

Jim S.  Altamonte Springs, Fl.

Alicia and her team exemplify professionalism in hair restoration.  They are reliable and do excellent work.  I trusted them to perform my hair transplant and I have worked with them for 10 years.

Dr. Jeff M.  Nashville, Tn.

I had 2 hair transplants about 10 years ago and decided to upgrade and fix the scars at the same time.  The Neograft worked well, it was as advertised and affordable.

Ken M.  Volusia County

I started losing my hair when I was 25 and I didn’t want to look older than my friends, I had my crown transplanted first then a little in the hair line.  The surgery took about 4 hours and was uneventful, no pain during or after.  I started to see my hair get thicker at about 10 weeks.  It’s worth checking out.

Brandon J.  Longwood, Florida

Neograft Reviews

“The surgery center is great, I knew who was going to be performing my procedure prior to it, there were no surprises. I came from out of town, they hooked me up with a room right next to the office for my wife and I. I wasn’t totally bald, just needed my hair line lowered a little and they really understood the artistic side of things. Give them a call and see what they can do for you, I did compare them to my local doctors and decided to travel”.

Matt, Ocala

“I came from Jacksonville to get my hair done after my wife’s Plastic Surgeon recommended Alicia and the team at Central Florida Hair. They were honest about the outcome and made me and my family feel very comfortable during the entire process. The cost was reasonable and I liked the level of professionalism they presented. Thanks”.

Marcus, Jacksonville Florida

“I went to Central Florida Hair Restoration to upgrade my older strip procedure and get rid of the old scar on the back of my head. The Neograft procedure went great and I was back at work 3 days later”.

James, Altamonte Springs

“The team at Central Florida Hair gave me my hair back, I looked at other Orlando Hair Loss clinics but was not impressed by their techniques. My wife is a nurse and was impressed by their honest consultation and evaluation of my hair loss situation. Thanks”.

Michael, Melbourne Fl.

“I wanted to do a FUE procedure but I wasn’t sure which one would work, I heard about different types on the radio. I thought about the Robot but learned that it was expensive and limited, I went with the Neograft procedure after my consultation at Central Florida Hair Restoration, it’s been 6 months and it has been great so far”.
Al, Longwood, Fl.

“I flew in with my family from Philadelphia to get Neograft hair transplants. The techs and doctor at Central Florida Neograft Reviews in Orlando FloridaHair helped me arrange a hair transplant/family vacation all in one week. It’s been 6 months since my hair transplant and my new hair looks great so far”.
Ken, Bucks County, Pa.

“I heard about these guys on Tom and Dan a month ago, went for a evaluation and got it done the following week. It was an easy procedure and the hair is growing”.
Don, Kissimmee

Hair Transplant Reviews Orlando

” I want to thank Dr. Hirsch and the great team of technicians for the job they did fixing my hair loss. I did about a year of research before choosing Central Florida Hair. Alicia , Jenny, and Zilkia were my technicians and did a super job, I liked the fact that they were all local and have been doing hair for over 10 years. I went with the Neograft hair transplant to fix up an older procedure and am very happy.”
Jimmy, Lake Mary

” My checklist for which Neograft clinic in Orlando to choose was: Experience, Facilities, and Cost. Alicia and the other techs have over 10 years of doing hair transplants, Dr. Hirsch even longer. The office in Heathrow was very nice and during my procedure my wife was able to have a spa day. I compared the cost and they were more affordable and had the highest Neograft Reviews in Orlando. Easy recovery and no pain afterwords. ”
Alex, Winter Park

” I had a older strip procedure at Bosley a few years ago, it was ok but I wanted the hair line to be softer and look more natural.  I met with Alicia and Dr. Hirsch and decided to get Neograft done, the procedure was more affordable and I went back to work faster.  The hair is growing in much faster than the Bosley procedure.  If you are thinking about Neograft visit Central Florida Hair Restoration.

Mark Simpson, Winter Park

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