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Neograft is the # 1 FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant method used by doctors in Vero Beach and Brevard County.  Neograft is available in Vero Beach, but the cost is significantly more expensive than in Melbourne.  Consultations are available in Vero Beach for Neograft and FUT Hair Transplant procedures.

We use Neograft to treat Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning hair.  FUE hair restoration does not cut out a strip of hair like FUT surgery.  There is no chance of Linear Donor scars and you don’t have stitches.  Most hair loss clients are good candidates for FUE hair surgery.  It works for both men and women.

We offer 2 procedures that other Hair Restoration clinics do not have the experience or the staff to perform.  FUT/Neograft Combination and our Lunch Time FUE Transplant for patients with a busy work schedule.

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Neograft Cost Vero Beach

Neograft will cost you between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars in Melbourne.  The cost is much higher in Vero Beach.  We are the most experienced Hair Restoration Team in Florida.  Our prices are affordable by having the only Full-Time team of Hair Transplant Technicians on the Space and Treasure Coast.  We do not spend thousands on Pay Per Click and Marketing.  Our clients come to us from Organic Search Results and Personal Referrals.

The cost per graft is between 3.25 and 5 dollars.  The more hair grafts that are needed the lower the cost per graft.  We will give you a cost estimate so that you can compare the price in Vero Beach vs Melbourne, Florida.  Some clinics will only transplant the exact number of grafts that you can afford, our approach is different.  We transplant the maximum number of grafts that you need for a Natural result.

The goal is to Restore your Hair Loss Safely and with Great Results.  Some large corporate hair restoration clinics like Bosley will charge you for “extra grafts”, there are no hidden fees at Central Florida Hair Restoration

Save on your Neograft Hair Transplant in August.  There has never been a better time to Look Younger.  A new study shows that Men who restored their Hair Loss Look Younger and have an advantage in the workplace.  Don’t choose Central Florida Hair Restoration for our Neograft Prices.  Our Experience is what sets us apart.



Neograft Travel Discounts

We offer travel reimbursement for Vero Beach hair restoration clients.  We have 2 hotels near our surgical center.  You can do your initial consultation in Vero Beach.  You will learn if you are a candidate and the exact cost for your procedure.


How Does Neograft Restore Your Hair Loss

Neograft Vero Beach

Life is Better with a Full Head of Hair

Neograft is a device that we use to perform the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure.  It uses a motorized handpiece with a small 0.9mm round punch to remove individual hair grafts.

We only extract Follicular Unit grafts.  These grafts contain 1 to 4 hairs and grow naturally in these little groups.  We keep the hair groupings together, the way they naturally grow.  This produces a better result and the growth rate is superior.


Neograft FUE vs Other Hair Transplants

The most advanced and intuitive FUE device is Neograft.  If you are a candidate for Hair Transplants we can help you.  Every person who suffers from hair loss would love to have a procedure with no limitations.  There are benefits and limitations with every hair transplant procedure.  I have talked with many hair loss patients who are not good candidates for FUE, they still want it.  Even if it means less hair for more cost.  Hair loss patients should balance their expectations and listen to their doctors.  The majority of hair transplant doctors will not recommend a strip procedure unless it is in your best interest.


New PRP for Hair Loss

If you are in the early stages of Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can help you stop hair loss and may regrow your hair.  PRP has been used for years to treat hair loss.  PRP contains many growth factors that can help your hair become thicker and healthier.  Contact us to learn how PRP can help you.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes, it is safe and uses your own platelets, no drugs or unsafe chemicals.  Call 407-968-8836 to schedule a free Hair Restoration consult in Vero Beach.



Neograft Experience is the Key to Great Results

FUE devices are only as good as the doctor and technicians that are performing your hair restoration procedure.  Hair Transplant surgery is a blend of Science, Art, and Technology.  Technology cannot duplicate the experience of over 10,000 hair transplant procedures, that our Team has Performed in Central Florida.



Hair Transplant Vero Beach Contact 407-968-8836

Contact Central Florida Hair Restoration if you are losing your hair.  We have the most experienced Hair Restoration team in Florida that offers Neograft.  If you live in Vero Beach or Indian River County we can help get your hair back.  Melbourne is 45 minutes from Vero Beach.  Contact us for Neograft Vero Beach pricing in our Melbourne, Fl. location.


Consultations Available in Vero Beach

Besides Experience, we offer the most availability and convenience for your Hair Loss needs.  There are very few clinics in Florida who offer Neograft that have a Full-Time staff of technicians.  Our Technicians have been trained and are skilled in all hair transplant procedures.  Neograft, ARTAS, SmartGraft, and FUT Hair Restoration.

We were the first team in Florida to be trained in ARTAS hair transplants.  This first-hand knowledge allowed us to choose Neograft Technology for our FUE procedures.  There is nothing wrong with Robotic hair transplantation, our team is just more effective than a Robot.  We can transplant more hair in a single procedure in less time.

Time is a very important factor for a successful surgical hair loss surgery.  Numerous studies have shown that even the largest procedure should be completed in 6 hours or less.  This is accomplished by using at least 3 technicians per case along with comprehensive training.  Central Florida Hair Restoration technicians have no less than 10 years of experience.  Our technicians only perform hair transplants, with the exception of attending school to enhance their capabilities, hair is all that they do.