Neograft Hair Restoration

Central Florida Hair Restoration has performed thousands of Neograft procedures on men and women from Orlando and throughout Florida.  Our FUE experience started in 2004.  Our Certified Technicians were the 1st in the state to perform both Neograft and ARTAS Hair Transplants.  We have evaluated numerous FUE systems and chose Neograft.  Our Doctors and Techs have traveled Internationally to teach Hair Transplant surgery.

The Team at Central Florida Hair Restoration has developed Neograft Techniques that allow us to extract up to 1000 grafts/hour.  This provides our patients with better results by reducing the time the grafts are outside the scalp.  The grafts are inspected 3 times prior to implantation.  We have a minimum of 3 technicians along with our doctor working on each case to create the safest Neograft procedure available.  To Pre-Qualify for our Neograft procedure call 407-968-8836.

Neograft Orlando Fl.

Neograft Orlando and Melbourne Florida

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FUE hair transplants are now the most popular in Orlando and Melbourne Florida.

Orlando Neograft Specialists

  • Our team of technicians has worked together since 2003.  This allows for consistency in our results that no other clinic in Orlando has.
  • We perform 1 procedure at a time, we do not dilute our staff among multiple patients.
  • We use Follicular Unit grafts with our Neograft device, this gives us a better growth rate compared to 1 and 2 hair grafts.
  • Our Team has Chosen Neograft over ARTAS, and SmartGraft.  Call 407-968-8836 to learn more.

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  • We only use Follicular Unit grafts for the most natural results.
  • Our Doctors are “Hands On” during your procedure.
  • Our Hair Restoration team has over 15 years of experience.
  • Neograft cost starts at 4,500.00, financing is available.

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The Highest Quality FUE Hair Restoration in Florida

Doctors throughout the U.S. use our quality control techniques and protocols.  During your procedure the hair grafts are inspected 3 times prior to implantation, this ensures that you get better results.

We use Follicular Unit grafts when performing a hair transplant.  Follicular Unit grafts have the highest survival rate and look more natural.  The hair on your head grows as Follicular Units.

There is a natural distribution of 1-4 haired grafts throughout the top and back of your scalp.  It is easier to extract 1 and 2 haired grafts but your end result will be a “thin” appearance.  We plan your procedure by examining the color and texture of your hair, donor area, and your Hair Loss.  We Transplant as many grafts as possible for you to get the Results that Minimize and Reduce your Thin Hair.

Neograft Hair Transplant Orlando and Melbourne Florida

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