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Central Florida Hair Restoration uses proven and effective Hair Transplant procedures to eliminate Baldness and Thinning hair.  There are many factors that go into designing a surgical Hair Restoration plan, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

 Hair Transplant Surgery is equal parts Technique, Technology, and Artistry.

We have developed new technology and techniques in the Hair Transplant profession.  This allows our team in Orlando and Melbourne Fl to deliver the Best Results.  We use our experience to solve your Hair Loss problems in the least invasive and affordable manner.

We are the only hair transplant clinic in Orlando and Melbourne Fl. that has over 15 years of Hair Transplant experience.  Our practice is devoted to Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant surgery.  Our surgical staff only performs Hair Restoration and have worked together since 2004.  

Most clinics who offer Hair Transplants in Orlando do not have Full-Time staff.  They bring in Sub-Contractors to work in their offices.  You have no idea who is performing your Hair Transplant Surgery, to learn more about Hair Transplantation options Call 407-968-8836.

Hair Transplant Success Rate

This is a common question for clients who are going to invest thousands of dollars in themselves.  If you are healthy and a non-smoker our studies show that 90% of the transplanted hair will grow.  We increase those results by using proven Hair Transplant procedures.

 We staff our surgeries so that even the largest one is completed in 6 hours or less.  Time is an important factor during your Hair Transplant Surgery.  Studies performed at ISHRS Workshops and Scientific meetings show that procedures that exceed 6 hours will cause the hair grafts to degrade and perish.

We staff every Neograft® and FUE procedure with at least 4 experienced techs and our Surgeon.  We have over 15 years of experience, this allows us to work very efficiently, only taking breaks when the patient needs to eat or stretch their legs.

 It may cost us more to have a full complement of technicians during our Hair Transplant procedures but it’s worth it so that we achieve the highest growth rates among all Hair clinics in Orlando and throughout Florida.

Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Replacement Kissimmee

Real Follicular Units

A “Secret” factor that we use to hedge our Hair Transplant growth rates is the use of Follicular Unit grafts, as discussed previously Follicular Unit grafts are 1-4  groups of hairs that grow naturally on your scalp.  It is more time consuming and takes more skill but it is worth the commitment to our clients.  

We have a wealth of knowledge regarding the advantage of using Follicular Units during Hair Transplant procedures.  The cosmetic results are superior.

Hair Replacement Kissimmee Options

  • Neograft® FUE Hair Transplants.
  • No Permanent Scar Follicular Unit Transplanatation.
  • Follicular Unit Transplant Surgery.
  • FUE Hair Transplant Surgery without Automation.

 Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Transplant Orlando Florida

Neograft® FUE Hair Surgery: is well known throughout Florida as the first Automated FUE Hair Transplant procedure.  It will Restore your Lost and Thinning hair without Linear Scars, Stitches, or extended downtime.  Neograft® is the most popular procedure chosen by our hair restoration clients in Orlando and Melbourne Fl.  

No Permanent Scar FUT Surgery: is a Safe and Proven Hair Transplant procedure that we use in Orlando and Melbourne Fl.  Central Florida Hair Restoration is able to combine the Neograft® FUE technique with the Maximum amount of graft capability of FUT Hair Transplantation to give more Hair Loss patients the opportunity to live their lives with hair again.  Some Florida Hair Transplant clients are better candidates for this procedure.  During your consultation with our doctors, all Hair Restoration options will be discussed and based on your expectations and goals the Best Hair Transplant procedure will be chosen.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Surgery:  Has been around for decades.  This is not the “Demon” Hair Transplant procedure that some make it out to be.  The truth is that most men and women will not choose this older procedure.  Some Hair Loss patients need this procedure because the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique will not make them happy.

Manual FUE Hair Transplants:  The first FUE procedure invented.  This procedure is at least 15 years old.  No longer used by Hair Transplant clinics in Orlando and Melbourne Florida.

Hair Transplantation Recovery

You hear about Minimal Downtime during Hair Restoration ads, what does this really mean?  Can you really go back to work the day after a Hair Transplant procedure?  It depends on what type of job you have and the type of Hair Transplant Surgery.

We have the most effective Post-Op procedures following a Hair Transplant.  We allow our clients to shampoo the next day and we do not use bandages to cover the transplanted hair.  Following a Hair Transplant, you will have scabs in the recipient and donor area.  These scabs will fall off within a few days after an FUE or Neograft® procedure using our Post-OP protocols.

We tell our clients to take 3 days off from work and take it easy.  If you have hairline restoration it’s important to prevent any swelling.  There is minimal pain following Neograft.

Central Florida Hair Restoration team members help you plan so there is minimal impact on your personal and professional life.  We work with you to make the Hair Transplant affordable without straining your personal budget.

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Central Florida Hair Restoration located in Orlando and Melbourne, Fl. is the leader in Florida for combining Artistry and Innovative Hair Transplant Technology.  We use Neograft® and FUE to Restore Hair loss without stitches or scalpels.

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