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Hair loss will effect about half of both men and women as they age.  Hair loss is more likely to be seen in men compared to women at a younger age.  The majority of the hair loss clients that visit us in Orlando are men ages 30 to 60. Most women will not to experience hair loss until past the age of 40.


Hair Loss Causes in Orlando

  1.  The most common type of hair loss for men in Orlando is Male Pattern Baldness, also called Androgenic Alopecia.  Male Pattern Baldness is genetic and can start in your early 20’s.  It can be inherited from either side of your family.  Male Pattern Baldness tends to start out localized in one area, either the front or the back.  It can be a very slow loss that takes over 10 years to be noticed. Or it can be aggressive causing significant baldness in just a few years.
  2. Women’s hair loss has many different causes including genetic.  The loss of hair is more diffuse throughout the top of the head.  It is not really localized as in men.  Women who are experiencing hair loss should start their treatment plan with a visit to their family doctor.  They can rule out metabolic and other causes.


Hair Loss Cure

There are no true Hair Loss Cure’s available for men and women.  The best solution for loss of hair due to Male Pattern Baldness is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery.  Are in the early stages of thin hair?  Medical hair restoration treatments such as Rogaine, or PRP and LLLT are preferred over Propecia.


Does Marijuana Cause Hair Loss  Hair Loss Causes in Orlando

The studies that exist do not directly link Marijuana use with Thin Hair.  There are some side effects of marijuana use that could contribute to thinning hair and baldness.  Eating “Junk” foods can cause inflammation that could impact thinning hair.  Eat healthy if you plan to partake in Marijuana.  Florida has allowed the use of Medical Marijuana to help patients who suffer from severe illnesses, some side effects iclude Hair Loss.



Does Stress Cause Thinning Hair and Baldness

Stress may cause hair loss.  In most cases, it is just a temporary problem.  A prolonged state of stress could possibly damage your hair permanently.  Stress may have unintended effects such as poor diet and alcohol abuse.



Do Medications Cause Thin Hair and Baldness

There are numerous medications that are very common whose side effects are hair loss.  If you start taking a new medication and you experience this, contact your doctor.


Do Hair Growth Supplements Work

The 2 FDA approved medications for thinning hair are Rogaine and Propecia.  Saw Palmetto and Biotin have not been tested for effectiveness.  This does not stop companies from aggressively marketing these treatments to men and women.  Well, known companies like Bosley and Hair Club for Men are selling products claiming to help your hair.  Until FDA approval backs up their claims, save your money.


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