FUE Process

FUE Process

How Does the FUE Process Work?

FUE also called Follicular Unit Extraction is a Hair Transplant procedure that allows our Central Florida Hair Restoration surgeons to Transplant hair from the back of the head to the top without invasive surgery. Traditional Hair Restoration surgery removes a strip of donor hair which is then dissected into Follicular Unit Grafts. FUT is a great procedure and is still used in over half of all hair transplants today. FUE is an option for Hair Loss patients who do not want FUT.

The FUE Process

Our surgeons will determine how many Follicular Unit Grafts are needed to Restore the Bald area. They will shave the donor area on the back of the head in preparation for the extraction process. The donor area is numbed with a local anesthetic and the grafts are extracted using the Automated Neograft device or the SAFE FUE system. Careful attention is paid to remove the exact amount of grafts without overharvesting. Our Team with over 15 years of Experience performs the Best FUE Hair Transplant in Florida. Once the grafts have been extracted they are transplanted into the recipient areas.

FUE Process Cost

The cost for FUE at Central Florida Hair Restoration is between 4,500 and 7,500 depending on how much hair is needed to Restore the Bald and Thinning areas of hair loss. We do not Charge Per Graft, the fees are based on a Per Session price which is the most Transparant in the Hair Restoration Profession. During your FUE Hair Transplant consultation, you will be provided with a graft estimate so you can compare our prices to Bosley and Orlando Hair MD.

Benefits of FUE Process

Great for men who have Mild to Moderate Hair Loss.

You can keep a Short Hairstyle.


To learn more about The FUE Process at Central Florida Hair Restoration call 407-968-8836.

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