The Best FUE Hair Transplant Technology

The Best FUE Hair Transplant Technology

If you live in Orlando and the Central Florida region you will hear hair restoration ads ATERA FUE Hair Transplantsfrom various doctors on all media formats.  The most talked about is Neograft, there are 5 different doctors in Central Florida that use the Neograft device.  The experience level of these Neograft® clinics range from 6 months to 8 years.  The majority of these clinics that use Neograft® do not perform enough hair transplant procedures to warrant a ” Full Time ” staff, so they fly in technicians from out of state to help them with their procedures.

The other FUE Device that is being advertised is called ARTAS®.  ARTAS® is marketed as a ” Robotic ” hair restoration device, which is partially true.  This device does use an imaging system and a robotic arm that houses the FUE punch, it can identify and extract the selected hair follicle, a technician with forceps must grab the follicle, as you can imagine this repetition slows down the hair transplant process considerably.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these FUE procedures, he best way to determine if Neograft® or ARTAS® will work for you is to get a hair loss consultation.

The new FUE hair transplant device that is available in Orlando is called ATERA®.  The ATERA FUE system has taken he best of the existing FUE devices and combined them into a single system that extracts the grafts and keeps them safe during the hair transplant.

How To Choose Your FUE Procedure

How much hair loss you have will determine which FUE procedure is best.  If you need more than 1000 grafts than Neograft® and ATERA® FUE will give you the most amount of grafts.

Your hair restoration budget is also a factor when choosing a FUE procedure.  ARTAS® is expensive, while Neograft® and ATERA® FUE are very close in price.  There can also be a significant difference in hair transplant cost among the various Orlando hair restoration clinics, the best method to choose is go to as many hair loss consults as possible.

What type of grafts that a doctor uses is also a factor when making a decision.  A lot of hair restoration clinics will only use 1 and 2 haired grafts, this technique will not hurt you but your result may no be as thick as you hoped.  Choose a clinic that uses Follicular Unit Grafts, these contain 1-4 hairs that grow naturally, this used with Neograft® or ATERA® FUE will give you the most natural hair restoration results.

There are many great options to treat your hair loss, the best advice is to research your options and factor in the different variables.

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