Hair Transplant Cost in Florida

Hair Transplant Cost in Florida

Is 4 Dollars a Graft Too Much ? Hair Transplant Cost in Florida, Neograft, ARTAS

It seems like everyday there is a new doctor in Orlando that has decided to offer hair restoration surgery out of their Family practice or Dermatology office, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing if they had the proper support staff or specialized training.  Even the large corporate hair restoration clinics are hiring new doctors and hair transplant technicians with no experience.  This is causing increased competition and lower graft prices.

Has the influx of Doctors in Orlando and Melbourne Florida helped lower the Cost of Hair Restoration Surgery.  Based on surveys and online reviews, the average price for FUE hair Transplants in Central Florida are still between 9 and 12 Thousand dollars.  The main reason seems to be that 2 hair restoration clinics in Orlando are setting the prices and the other clinics are just following their lead instead of focusing on their business model and offering the Best results and Value.

Price Breakdown for a 1800 Graft Neograft® Procedure in Orlando

Most Neograft® Clinics in Orlando are still charging Per Graft.  Based on 5 Dollars/Graft this means a total price of 9,000.00.  If the clinic is using a Corporate Based staffing team, which most are, 2,250.00 is going to the company that sends out the team to staff the Neograft® procedure, this does not include travel expenses for the 2 Technicians that are being flown in from out of state.  So figure a total cost of 3,000.00.

Most clinics are using a sales person to “Close the Deal” this is an additional 1,000.00.  The cost to operate the Neograft® device is not much, about 300.00.  So a total of 4300.00 that are expenses for the doctor in Orlando who is offering Neograft® on a Part-Time basis.  That leaves just over 4,500.00 remaining.  We have eliminated the commission for the sales staff, and the high cost of Corporate based technicians and their travel expenses, so we can offer the same Neograft® procedure for about 6,500.00.  The 2500.00 cost difference between Central Florida Hair Restoration and the other Hair Restoration Clinics that provide Neograft® in Orlando comes down to their choice of additional expenses that they pass on to you the client.

How to Get the Best Value for your Hair Transplant Procedure

The first thing is do not Pay Per Graft, most doctors in Orlando will charge you per graft because they are following Bosley®.  The Best Value is to negotiate a Per Session price for your Neograft® or FUT Hair Transplant procedure, based on the area that you want filled in.  All other Cosmetic procedures charge per procedure so Hair should be no different.  We charge our clients per session, but will give you a Per Graft price so that you can Compare to Bosley® or Orlando Hair MD.  It is more profitable for a clinic to price their Hair Restoration procedures Per Graft, even the FUE Device companies have gotten in on this method, ARTAS® charges their doctors 1 Dollar per graft for every attempted graft extraction, this is a possible reason why ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplants are expensive, it is not a better procedure, it just costs more for the clinic to operate the device.

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